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Our Annual Heating System Preventive Maintenance Service

There’s always a first time, right? And that goes for any life experience.

And then there’s your heating system, where once a year you get to turn it on for the very first time. You’re probably not thrilled about doing it since it means winter is upon us. On the other hand, things could be a whole lot worse. As in, imagine how you would feel if after turning it on, it didn’t engage!

At Conway Services, we want your heating system to engage not just the first time, but every time you need it this and every other heating season? How can we help provide you with that kind of peace of mind? With our annual heating system preventive maintenance service. Here are the four major benefits it provides:

  1. Lower utility costs. Annual preventative maintenance includes a thorough system cleaning and inspection which, in turn, keeps your system operating at peak energy efficiency to help reduce your utility costs.
  2. Fewer if any repair problems. By removing and cleaning the burner assembly, cleaning or replacing your filter, giving your system a test run, and doing much more, we can determine what if anything needs to be adjusted to help ensure a season’s worth of repair free operation.
  3. Longer system lifespan. The better and more consistently your heating system is maintained, the longer it’s going to last. That, in turn, serves to lower the total net cost of heating your home.
  4. Added family safety. A well-maintained system also provides a safer home living environment. That’s because our preventive maintenance service also includes checking and tightening all electrical components to help prevent an electrical fire. We also inspect the system’s heat exchanger for signs of cracking and leaking which would indicate the potential for leaking carbon monoxide gas.

Has it been a year or longer since your heating system last received the professional attention it needs to provide the safe and reliable comfort we know you expect? If so, contact Conway Services today to request service.