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Everybody has a clogged drain problem at some point or another. Most of them you can take care of on your own. When you can’t, there’s always somebody available to lend the kind of professional support required to pick up where you left off.

In other words, same day, different clogged drain. Until that is, you learn that the blockage can’t be removed and that bigger problems exist that must be addressed. Perhaps even a cracked, broken, or collapsed underground sewer line. That’s the kind of news that shock you, to say nothing of the eventual sticker shock that occurs once you learn what the solution is going to cost you.

Here at Conway Services, we hate to see our customers unpleasantly shocked over any home comfort matter. One way we can help avoid such unpleasant surprises is through ongoing communication. Continuing in that vein, there are several indications that you might have a budding sewer problem on your hand.

Why are we sharing this bit of information with you? Because the sooner you report any of the following symptoms of seriously blocked or damaged sewer, the greater the likelihood that we can fix the problem before it gets any worse. When we’re successful at that, we’re successful at saving you money, and that’s one of our primary goals.

So, once again, be sure to contact Conway Services right away should you observe any of these symptoms of a sewer drainage system problem:

  • A big increase in your water bill. This likely indicates the existence of a leak somewhere inside your sewer pipes.
  • Reduced water pressure or flow. If water is leaking from one or more of your drainage pipes, it’s only logical that you will notice a reduction in water pressure or the amount of water (flow) streaming from a sink, tub, or toilet.
  • Unpleasant Odors. If there’s a break in your sewer line, here’s what’s sure to follow: terrible smells created by escaping sewer gases or excess moisture that build up inside your ceiling, walls, and floors.
  • One clogged drain problem after another. An occasional clogged drain problem is to somewhat expect. But one after another? That’s telling you that there’s a bigger problem going on, especially if it’s the same drain or toilet constantly clogging up.
  • Patches of lush, green grass. As much as we don’t care to think about what’s building up and flowing through our sewer pipes, it’s the kind of “stuff” loaded with nutrients for lawns, trees, shrubs – any kind of greenery at all. So if you suddenly discover one or more particularly lush and verdant spots on your lawn, there’s a good chance that it’s resulting from a break in your sewer line.

Controlling the problem along with the expense of fixing it is all about early detection. So again, if you see or otherwise sense a problem in the making, contact Conway Services for prompt, professional, and decisive action.