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Merriam-Webster defines a house as “a building that serves as living quarters for one or a few families”. Simply put, four walls and a roof. But just about every house you step into is something more than that, each one featuring the unique trappings, style, temperament, and culture of those who occupy it.

How about your house? Does it say “home” to you and those you entertain? Still, even if it does, perhaps there’s more you can do to express yourself through your home, comfortable and affordable. Here are six ways to breathe new life into your family living environment.

  1. Your Favorite Color(s) – One quick and inexpensive way to give your home some personality is by adding in pops of your favorite color. Whether it’s a wall, a painted piece of furniture, or some throw pillows, spreading color around in your favorite hues will instantly make space feel fresh and lively.
  2. New Uses – Who says you have to put flowers in a vase or washcloths in a drawer? Give your décor a fun twist by repurposing everyday items. Place small bouquets of flowers in mason jars, use a small footed cake stand to display your soaps, lotions, and bath salts in the bathroom, and roll hand towels and washcloths into a decorative box.
  3. Worldly Collections – Whether it’s a month long trip or a quick weekend getaway, bring your travels into your home. Frame antique maps of places you’ve visited, make a travel-themed gallery wall, or display keepsakes and souvenirs in a shadow box, on your mantle, or in a cabinet.
  4. Do It Yourself – Why buy when you can make it yourself? Knit a throw for your favorite chair, build a farmhouse table or give an old, worn piece of furniture new life with a fresh coat of paint. The end result will be far better and more personal than anything you can find at the store.
  5. Mix It Up – Don’t feel obligated to stick with one design style throughout your space. Mix modern chairs with a traditional or rustic table, give your formal living room a more welcoming feel with a fun, patterned area rug and colorful throw pillows, or even mix and match two different collections – like your fine china and rustic serve ware.
  6. From Plain to Perfect – Take store-bought furniture and accessories from run-of-the-mill to extraordinary. Swap out the knobs and door pulls on a dresser to something that better reflects your style, paint the legs of your table for a pop of color, or simply add a skirt to your bathroom pedestal sink.

You know what else screams of “home”? Plumbing, heating, and cooling systems that work so well, they call very little attention to themselves, if any at all. Of course, there are certain plumbing fixtures designed to call attention to themselves and your good taste – you know, like faucets, sinks, a utility sink within your kitchen island and more. So if freshening up your home includes making improvements to your kitchen or bath, contact Conway Services today for creative input and expert installation. We’re always ready to lend a helping hand.