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Air Conditioning Tune-Up Service in Memphis, TN

Escape the Southern heat with air conditioning maintenance and tune-up services in Memphis. Our warranty-backed AC maintenance service will ensure that your HVAC system is functioning properly to keep your home cool and comfortable. We know AC maintenance is something that can be easy to forget about. If you’re asking yourself the question “how do I know if my AC needs repair?” it’s safe to say that it is probably time. Our team of skilled technicians can be on-site when you need it to have your central air conditioner running like new.

Regular maintenance and tune-ups on your air conditioner is recommended at least twice per year. After all, making a few small repairs usually means that you won’t have to deal with a big one later on. At Conway Services Heating & Cooling, our HVAC specialists have experience with all types of AC maintenance in Memphis for most industry leading brands. We will be sure to respect your home and get the job done quickly. Don’t wait until it’s too late—schedule a tune-up on your air conditioning unit today.

Tools on AC unit

Do I Need an AC Tune-up?

You might ask yourself whether a tune-up on your AC unit is necessary. Sometimes, an air conditioner can be in need of a tune-up without displaying any noticeable signs of inefficiency or malfunction. We recommend sticking to a schedule when it comes to air conditioner maintenance and tune-ups. Our technicians will check out things like your AC coils and capacitor, technical aspects of your system that are best left to the pros. It’s the easiest way to keep on top of the overall wellbeing of your AC unit. Setting a schedule to tune-up your AC every six months will ensure that it gets year-round attention.

AC units

Warning Signs You Need an AC Inspection in Memphis

Some warning signs that your air conditioner needs a tune-up can be tricky to spot, so setting a schedule for routine inspection and maintenance is crucial to ensure that nothing goes unnoticed. If it’s been several months since your last service, or if you’ve never serviced your AC unit before, it’s important to look out for any of the following signs:

  • Your air conditioner stops generating cool air or the air is significantly less cool than usual.
  • Your air conditioner emits an unpleasant odor.
  • Your air conditioner makes noise, as if parts of the unit are loose.
  • You hear water dripping within the air conditioner or there’s water coming from the unit.

Our skilled team of heating and air conditioning experts will ensure that no matter what the problem is, we’ll find a solution and leave you feeling cool and comfortable.

What Does AC Maintenance Service Include?

AC maintenance is not a do-it-yourself task. At Conway Services, our skilled team has undergone thorough background checks and are trained to ensure your unit is functioning properly while as efficiently as possible. Our multi-point inspection will ensure that nothing goes unnoticed, checking everything from the condenser to the compressor.

After the inspection, our HVAC technicians will review the findings with you, making sure to point out any concerns or problems. If needed, they will help you to decide next steps based on what will make your AC more energy efficient, extend its life expectancy, lower repair costs in the long-term, and produce better air quality overall.

Why Invest in AC Maintenance?

Routine maintenance can be the difference between a quick inexpensive fix and a larger costlier one, so we recommend not taking any chances, especially in the Memphis summer heat. Spending a relatively small amount of money each year to take care of your small AC issues can mean avoiding spending much more on a completely new AC unit if repair and maintenance is no longer an option. At Conway Services Heating & Cooling, we stretch that dollar even further with our thoroughly trained team, exceptional service, and various warranties. We also provide upfront pricing when working to schedule air conditioner maintenance service for complete transparency through the process.

You will have peace of mind with our Pros Club membership. For a fixed rate, this membership offer includes two tune-ups per year, discounts on repairs and additional one-year warranties on repair parts, labor and more.

About Conway Services

We’ve been serving the Memphis area for years to bring comfort and clean air to the homes of our community. Ever since Raymond Conway started the business in 1990, we’ve been committed to providing excellent service. Our growing team of over 150 employees is highly skilled and trained, from our technicians in the field to our customer support team. Our business is built around trust – trust in each other and the trust that we hope you have in us to bring comfort to your home. Read more about the trust we’ve earned from our community. We don’t cut any corners and are committed to your comfort. Don’t wait. Schedule an AC tune-up in Memphis today.

When scheduling an appointment, please let us know the brand and model of your AC unit, so we can be as prepared as possible to give you fast service and great results. Located in Shelby County, our home maintenance professionals serve the entire Memphis metropolitan area, including local cities like Bartlett, Cordova, Fisherville, Germantown, Hickory, and Lakeland.

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