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You’re up. Ready for a great day at the office. A fun day with the kids at a nearby park. Eighteen holes of golf. Or maybe you’re feeling a bit more ambitious and ready to make a dent in your “honey do” list.

Whatever life has in store for you today, no doubt it will preceded by a nice hot shower. Unless, of course, fate intervenes and your water refuses to cooperate.

Water heaters fail for many reasons and always, it seems, at the worst possible time. One of the most common reasons for a sudden loss of hot water is a pilot light that either is extinguished or has turned yellow when it should always be blue.

Here are several other reasons why you might not have hot water at the moment:

  • A failed thermocouple or electrical igniter caused by simple wear and tear or a large build-up of dust and dirt.
  • A failed heating coil inside the tank brought about by internal corrosion. This problem is unique to electrical water heaters.
  • A thermostat malfunction is another common water heater repair or replacement problem.
  • How about your flue – is it free of any obstruction?
  • If you have an Electric Vitreous Enamel or Gas Vitreous Enamel water heater, have your anode rod inspected at least every five years. Otherwise, it could corrode, damage the inner lining of your storage tank, and disrupt your unit’s performance.
  • Check and visually inspect your water heater, partly to determine if there’s evidence of a water leak. If there is, the cause could be simple condensation or, at the other extreme, internal corrosion and resulting damage to the storage tank.

Whatever the problem turns out to be, you have a friend in the business who can fix it for you: Conway Services, providing service in and around Memphis since 1990. Along the way, we’ve accumulated all the skill and experience we need to restore your hot water supply, regardless of its make or model. Contact us today for timely scheduling and our commitment to your 100% satisfaction.