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Reduces Your Monthly Energy Expense

When choosing updates for your next home project be sure to choose something that will also save you some money. You know, like replacing one thing for another that reduces your monthly energy expense. Here are a few practical and trendy examples:

New faucets: New faucets are easy to change in and out, relatively inexpensive, and help reduce overall water consumption. Newer models all have aeration, which means less water is used for hand washing. It’s also important to change or fix any faucet that leaks or drips. Don’t send money down the drain!

Dimmer switches or motion sensors: Instead of constantly reminding your family to turn off lights when they leave a room, install motion sensor switches that will automatically turn off lights for you. Dimmer switches also save money by providing only as much light as you need or want.

Replace the showerhead: Adding a new showerhead can liven up the look of your bathroom and reduce your water consumption even more. A rainfall showerhead, for example, covers more of your body and that makes for faster showers.

Redo the backsplash: This is a weekend project, but can range from adding a few quick sticky aluminum tiles, or re-grouting the backsplash area with more modern tiles. Either way, it’s worth your time since a backsplash protects walls from moisture damage.

Walls/windows: Patch holes in walls, seal windows to prevent air leaks, and grout floors at the door thresholds. Each of these projects is relatively simple in its execution, helps improve your home’s energy efficiency, and keeps pests out as well.

If “change” is in the air – and on your mind – for your home, and the project involves plumbing, now’s a great time to involve Conway Services. That goes for heating and cooling projects, too, not to mention beefing up or replacing your attic insulation.