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The kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where your family comes together, meals are shared, and memories are made. But if your kitchen looks more like the set from an 80’s sitcom than the inviting space you dream of, perhaps it’s time for a facelift.

When done well, no single remodeling project can more completely transform your home – simultaneously improving functionality while increasing its value – like a kitchen renovation. So to make sure you get started in the right direction, and before you draw up the design plans or pick out cabinetry, ask yourself these 4 important questions:

  1. How do I use my kitchen? If you love to cook and entertain, despite the state of your current kitchen, focus on counter space, smart storage solutions, and flow. Consider what you DO like about your current kitchen, not just want you to don’t. This will help determine how big of a renovation you need. Sometimes it’s helpful to empty drawers and cabinets and rethink what you put back, and where. You might find that you’re underutilizing the space you currently have.
  2. What is my budget? This is where you weigh the wants versus needs. Jot down your must-haves, and then research the costs. You might be surprised – favorably or otherwise – by the cost of materials, finishes, and labor. Decide what you’re not willing to compromise on. Maybe you can go the stock cabinet route so you can afford that marble countertop you’ve had your eye on, not to mention those high-end appliances.
  3. Is changing the footprint possible? If you’re completely gutting your kitchen, rethink the layout. Perhaps you’re tired of staring at a cabinet or wall when washing dishes. Or would rather see an island between your kitchen and dining room vs. the existing wall. Speak to one or more home remodeling companies about the work and costs involved in moving plumbing, electrical, gas lines, etc.
  4. Is resale value important? It’s no secret that kitchens sell houses. So if you’re planning to move in the next few years, consider the wants and needs of future buyers. Sure, bright orange laminate cabinets are fun, but they might prove to be a turnoff to others. And while you want a kitchen you can enjoy for as long as you continue to live there, be careful not to spend more than your market can handle.

If you’ve already begun the remodeling process, or you’re getting ready to, then keep Conway Services in mind for all the plumbing work involved, including moving an existing gas connection or installing a new one. We’re also someone good to talk to if you’d simply like to kick around a few ideas and pick up a new idea or two in the process. Conway Services: your complete home plumbing resource.