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Summer is the perfect time to get outside, dig your toes in the sand, and enjoy all the season has to offer with family and friends. But sometimes, all that fun in the sun can come to a screeching halt when you or someone you know gets sick or hurt.

And now for the good news: you can treat minor ailments such as bee stings and sunburns with natural cures that you can grow right in your own backyard or window box. Here are 7 medicinal plants that can help take the sting out of summertime boo-boos.

  1. Aloe Vera – A popular ingredient in store-bought burn treatments, the juice from the Aloe Vera plant can be applied topically to treat minor sunburns.
  2. Peppermint – People have turned to peppermint for the relief of nausea for generations. One of the easiest and tastiest ways to soothe tummy troubles is with peppermint leaf tea. Just remember that it’s an invasive plant, so for best results, grow it in its own container.
  3. Yarrow – This hardy perennial can be used for numerous medicinal purposes, but its astringent properties make it perfect for stopping minor bleeding from cuts and scrapes. Just crush the leaves of the yarrow plant and apply them to the affected area as a dressing.
  4. John’s Wort – Widely known for its ability to treat minor depression, St. John’s wort can also help fight inflammation. Apply it to the skin to naturally relieve symptoms of eczema and other skin conditions.
  5. Echinacea – This popular garden perennial is a great immune booster and is said to shorten the duration of common colds and viruses. Drink it in your tea with peppermint and lemongrass for a tasty concoction any time of the year.
  6. Garlic – Ease the pain of a bee sting by crushing a raw garlic, rubbing it over the sting, and covering it with a bandage.
  7. Bay Leaf – It helps makes soups and stews delicious, and also can help relieve headaches and migraines. Next time you get a headache, instead of popping another pill, make a tea from bay leaves, sit back, sip, and feel the tension melt away.

What happens if you or a family member gets scalded while taking a shower? Well, aside from treating the burn Aloe Vera or whatever else you have on hand, it’s important to find out what caused the scalding in the first place. That’s where we come in: Conway Services. One of our highly skilled plumbers and troubleshoot the problem before recommending how to prevent future scalding. Perhaps your water heater thermostat is set too high, or maybe an anti-scald shower valve is what it takes to ensure future injury-free showers. For more information or to schedule service, contact Conway today.