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Slow moving drains are bad enough. But when the problem persists, don’t you more or less suspect that something bigger is going on – something you might be well advised to take care of sooner than later to minimize the extent of the problem, and what it might cost to have it fixed?

Of course, you would. With that in mind, here are five proven effective ways to help prevent your drains from clogging up in the first place:

  1. Use a drain screen
    Hair and soap scum are major contributors to clogged bath and shower drains. Use a drain screen to catch the debris and clean the screen regularly.
  2. Don’t pour grease down the drain
    When you finish cooking, let the grease harden and scoop as much as you can into the garbage. If you pour grease down the drain it will harden in your pipes. Or, pour the grease, oils, and fat (FOG) left over from cooking into a disposable container.
  3. Keep fibrous foods out of your garbage disposal
    When you get right down to it, there are not a tremendous number of foods that can be effectively ground up in your garbage disposal. But there are plenty on the “please don’t” list, including any kind of fibrous food. That includes onion skins, celery, cooked green beans, and so many others.
  4. Clean your sink stoppers
    Pop-up stoppers collect and hang onto all kinds of “leftovers”, reason enough to clean them regularly before they start making their way down the drain. Why is that a problem? Because if there’s any grease, fat, or hair clinging to the inside of your pipes, food, and other particles will be caught in their trap. And eventually, not even water will be able to get past the accumulated mass.
  5. Pour boiling water down the drain
    This is a great weekly habit to get yourself into, simply because it’s effective to flush your drain pipes clean.

By practicing these various techniques, can we promise that you’ll never have again had to deal with a clogged drain problem. If only we could. But here’s what we can promise: whether it’s now or any time at all, Conway Services is on hand and ready to assist you in clearing up even the most stubbornly clogged drain or toilet you or we can imagine. For service and results, you can depend on, contact Conway Services today.