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Of all the places that prompt concern for your family’s safety, no doubt your bathroom is high up or at the top of that list. Countless bathroom accidents are reported every year, especially those befalling small children and the elderly.

Luckily, many of these accidents can be prevented. From electrical shocks to burns, slips, and falls, learn how to keep your loved ones safe with these important safety precautions.

  1. Test the water before stepping into the tub or shower to make sure it’s not too hot. Install an anti-scald valve to prevent burns should someone flush the toilet while you’re in the shower.
  2. Prevent slips and falls when entering and exiting the bathtub or shower by placing a bathmat with an anti-slip backing on the floor.
  3. Use a weighted shower curtain liner to help prevent water from splattering all over your floor.
  4. If upgrading your bathtub or shower, choose one with a textured bottom or install anti-slip strips to your existing tub or shower floor.
  5. Install grab bars or handles inside the shower or tub area.
  6. Make sure your toilet is high enough to sit on so that you can get on and off easily without losing your balance.
  7. If using a step stool for your children, make sure it has a non-slip bottom.
  8. Make sure towel racks and other wall accessories are securely installed so that they don’t become dislodged and cause an inadvertent fall and bump on the head.
  9. Minimize moisture build up on slippery tile floors by cracking open the window or turning on the exhaust fan while showering or bathing.
  10. Make sure all the outlets in the bathroom are grounded to prevent electrical shock.

There’s a lot Conway Services can do to help make your bathroom a safer environment for family members and guests alike. Contact us today for more information and a free bathroom upgrade quote.