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There are all kinds of “big ones” that get away each year, and we’re not talking about fish.

We’re talking about New Year’s Resolutions. Even more frustrating than that, there are resolutions we make year after year after year and, for one reason or another, we never seem to make any progress.

One such resolution for homeowners throughout the Memphis area is bathroom remodeling. And why doesn’t it get done? Actually, for all kinds of perfectly practical reasons, but not having the funds to do the job to one’s highest standards as usually right near the top of the list.

Well, at Conway Services, we’re here to tell you that you don’t need to break the bank to make your bathroom look and feel like new. And by doing at least a partial remodeling job, you’re bound to be a lot happier than you are by staying stuck at status quo and get a whole lot more compliments than you ever dreamed of.

Here are some very practical – not to mention time-tested – ideas for bathroom remodeling done very affordable:

Paint or Wallpaper

If you have a neutral color of paint on your bathroom walls than the eye is immediately directed elsewhere, just as yours are, which is probably one of the biggest reasons why you’re so tired of how it all looks. Well, you can work wonders with a dynamic paint job or even buzz-worthy wallpaper. Or, maybe you know a local artist who can create some sort of scene in your bathroom, with the walls as his or her easel and canvas.

New Hardware and Fixtures

Replacing a sink, shower, or bathtub can be costly. But if they’re all in good, working order, why not simply make them look like new with a brand new faucet. There are almost limitless possibilities available in terms of design types, finishes, and with plenty of choices within your budget and to fit your decorating taste.

Architectural Details

Wainscoting and other such architectural highlights can also run up a pretty hefty tab. But there’s a really cool and simple way to accomplish the same end result for a lot less monthly. And that’s to add a chair rail and, beneath that, framed shapes of wood, leaving the rest of the lower wall as sheetrock. Then paint above the chair rail one color, using another color for the rail and the space beneath it, and everyone else will swear your bathroom has been wainscoted. Best of all, you’ll love the look, not to mention how much money you will have saved.


Have a nice looking vanity top that’s just not “doing it for you” anymore? Then instead of replacing the entire vanity, countertop and all, how about simply changing up the way the whole thing looks with candles, a soap basket, decoratively folded towels, a nice dry flower arrangement, or whatever else floats your boat.

Of course, if any of your planned bathroom changes require plumbing, then you can count on Conway Services for friendly and educated advice, help in making all the right decisions, along with bathroom fixtures and installation services you’ll be proud to showcase. Contact us today and let us know how we can help.