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Modern day conveniences are taken for granted every day. Think about it. What would you do without a refrigerator, a washing machine, air conditioning, or even high-speed internet? Sure, you could survive, but in today’s fast-paced world you’d surely be inconvenienced. And what about indoor plumbing?  How would we function without running water and a properly functioning toilet? 

Yikes! We don’t even want to think about it. Yet, sometimes when toilet flushing problems pop up in our homes—we have no choice—we must think about them.  

At Conway Services, we want our customers to be prepared for all plumbing problems, including flushing toilet issues. So, next time you’re wondering, “Why is my toilet not flushing properly?” turn to our handy little guide for answers and flush those problems away. 

Why Is My Toilet Not Flushing Properly? 

Bathroom flushing problems leaving you drained? Don’t sweat it. The team at Conway Services can help you learn how to fix weak toilet flushes for good. 

Problem: Water running continuously 

If your toilet keeps running long after flushing, it is typically due to one of four causes. These include: 

  • A disconnected fill tube 
  • A toilet flapper that is defective or does not have a good seal 
  • Improper fill height in the tank (float ball is in the wrong place) 
  • A fill valve or flapper chain is the wrong length

Once you can determine the actual cause, the issue should be easy to fix. Of course, when in doubt, feel free to call the plumbers at Conway for assistance. 

Problem: Toilet clog

Oh, the dreaded toilet clog. A clogged toilet can be the result of many things including toys (dropped in by curious children), too much toilet paper, or regular waste. Your first line of defense against a clogged toilet is a plunger.  

A plunger will force the water back and forth through your waste pipe and help remove the clog. To solve weak toilet flushing and tough clogs, a flange plunger (those shaped like a bell) works best.  

The good news is that for most homeowners, plungers work very well in getting clogs resolved. plungers help remove clogs about 90% of the time. Of course, if you experience that tougher than tough clog, feel free to call our team of master plumbers for professional help. 

Problem: Low water level in the tank

One of the most common reasons for low water levels is a damaged fill tube. This is a small plastic hose that helps control the water level. If it is damaged, your water will shut off before the tank is filled to the right level and you’ll likely experience toilet flushing issues. Replacing a damaged fill tube can usually solve this issue. 

Problem: Broken lift chain

At the first sign of weak toilet flushing, open your tank’s lid and look for the lift chain. The lift chain connects the toilet handle to the flapper. Sometimes it gets unhooked or is set to the wrong length. If it is unhooked, reattach to the flapper. If you need to adjust the chain’s length, set it so when you press the toilet handle, the chain pulls up the flapper and makes the toilet flush. Questions? Conway can help! 

Problem: Worn out flapper

A properly functioning toilet flapper (this looks like a rubber plug or ball) is critical to keeping your toilet flushing flawlessly. If yours has gone bad, you’ll notice your water runs continuously or it takes a very long time for the tank to fill.  

Not sure if it’s time to replace your flapper? Try the dye test. Place a few drops of food coloring in the tank. Don’t flush the toilet. Wait 20 – 30 minutes to see if you find colored water in the toilet bowl. If you do, it’s time for a new one. As always, if you’re not up to it, call Conway! 

Still Have Questions on How to Fix a Slow Flushing Toilet? 

Conway Services is available seven days a week for plumbing appointments. While many plumbing fixes seem easy to do yourself—calling a professional plumber for bathroom flushing issues can offer permanent solutions! Our licensed plumbers are experienced and skilled in solving all types of plumbing problems. Just give our team a call at 901.384.3511 today.