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come on, aren’t you now, or weren’t you at some point, thinking along those lines? Like, “can’t they just leave programmable thermostats (good things in their own right) alone!” Uh, no. They couldn’t. The technology is there, and now programmable thermostats with Wi-Fi capability can do even more to help you conserve energy and control temperatures throughout your home, even when you’re not there.

So, starting with the basics, Wi-Fi programmable thermostats can be controlled with any computer or Smart Phone with internet access. That means, among other things, you can change temperatures from work, a restaurant, while on vacation – just so long as you have Wi-Fi access.

Here’s more:

  • Wi-Fi access is made possible with an app specific to your make and model of thermostat. These free apps send you email weather updates so you can make timely changes to your thermostat settings. These apps are available for Android and Apple devices.
  • Your Wi-Fi app also will send you regular reminders to change your filters, one great way to improve system operating efficiency while reducing your heating and cooling utility costs.
  • With the added control and convenience afforded by a Wi-Fi thermostat, it’s estimated that you can cut your annual heating and cooling costs by about 10% per year or, for the average homeowner, about $200.
  • If you’re a commercial property owner, you can save big bucks by installing Wi-Fi thermostats in all your buildings by being able to react at the moment to weather changes and more without physically going to each property to read the thermostat displays.

And, perhaps, best of all, Wi-Fi thermostats are easy to use. To learn more or request installation, contact Conway Services today.