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Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: the natural color of tile grout is not mildew grey! Okay, so maybe you DID already know that. Even still, there you are, staring at grey or otherwise stained grout and wondering how or if you can ever get it to look like new.

The good news is this: there are several effective ways to accomplish that goal, thus allowing you to choose one or more that you feel most comfortable in trying.

Here are some options:

Simple is better: Steam cleaning is an effective way to kill the bacteria and mold that get trapped in the grout. Try using a pressurized steamer, a hand steamer, or towels soaked in boiling water – but be careful not to burn yourself.

Back to basics: Mix baking soda with just enough water to make a paste, and scrub. Follow that treatment by scrubbing again with a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water. Once the bubbling stops, wipe the grout clean with a sponge.

Homemade cleanser: Adding either hydrogen peroxide or lemon to hot water makes for another potent grout cleaner. The peroxide and the acid in lemon juice can get deep into grout to pull up stains and kill mold.

Rubbing Alcohol: Just mix rubbing alcohol and water in a spray bottle, spray directly onto grout and let sit for 10 minutes. Then wipe away. No scrubbing needed!

Bleach: If you’ve tried all of the above without the desired end results, time to turn to the tough stuff. Tear paper towels into long strips and soak them in bleach. Place these strips along the grout lines and bunch them up to completely cover the grout. Let them sit until dry, or as long as possible – the stains should be gone with you remove the paper towels. To clean tiled walls, you’ll need something that sticks better vertically – toilet paper works great!

Store bought chemicals: There are many commercial grout cleaners on the market. One of the best for getting rid of stubborn mold is a mold root killer that attacks the mold deep in the grout and prevents it from coming back.

If your grout-cleaning project is a prelude to a kitchen or bath upgrade, you can count on Conway Services for all the professional plumbing your project might require. More than that, we can advise you on one or more new plumbing innovations that can add a whole new dimension to the finished result. For more information or to schedule service, contact Conway Services today.