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Before you sign off on plans for your bathroom remodeling project, take an extra few minutes to consider the health and therapeutic benefits of including a steam shower into the mix.

After all, bathrooms are as much about comfort and relaxation as they are convenience – or, at least they can be. And very few things are as relaxing and therapeutic as a steam shower.

Here are a few of the ways a steam shower can benefit you:

Circulatory System

Steam showers pump up the volume on your heart, just as does aerobic exercise. When your heart pumps faster, your circulation improves. Repeated often enough, and you’ll witness long-lasting body circulation improvement.

Respiratory System

Steam showers, as the name suggest, ooze warm, humid air. As you inhale, it helps clear up your breathing passages. And that’s a huge benefit for anyone experiencing such respiratory ailments as bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis, and others. The effect is almost immediate and can actually reduce the recovery time from a respiratory illness.

Muscular-Skeletal System

Stress and tension lead to tight, sore muscles, as does hard physical labor and exercise. A steam shower is a perfect antidote and one that can help you cut down on pain-relieving medications.

Immune System

A steam shower has roughly the same effect on your body as a fever – but in a good and healthy way. As your body heats up, your immune system works harder to help you remain disease free.

There are other benefits to be derived from taking steam showers on a regular basis, such as healthier and better-looking skin. For a free in-home estimate on installing a steam shower in your bathroom, contact Conway Service today. We are your Memphis area kitchen and bath upgrade specialists.