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We Americans are in love with convenience. Why that is so, however, is not our topic for today. After all, we provide added home comfort and safety – plus greater convenience – for a living, but not psychological analysis or opinion. Not for the record, anyway.

Just how much do we not just love, but crave convenience? Well, for starters, consider our infatuation with the following:

  • Fast food
  • Grocery and other home deliveries
  • Right turn on red
  • Refrigerator ice-makers
  • Free shipping
  • Amazon!
  • Kindle books
  • People movers in airports
  • Drive-thru prescription pick-up
  • Gas pumps at grocery stores, now America’s favorite filling stations
  • Microwavable food
  • Disposable Lighters
  • Match-light charcoal

And oh boy, could that list go on forever and ever. Well, and not to be outdone by popular culture, here at Conway Services we offer numerous modern day plumbing conveniences, one or more of which perhaps you haven’t yet encountered. And each of which we could install your home. Consider this small sampling:

  • Multi-nozzle shower enclosure. Who needs to turn around in the shower when now you can have nozzles spraying warm, soothing water on your from every which direction?
  • Steam showers. Join a health club? No thanks, not when I can steam my aches and pains away right in my own bathroom.
  • Food prep and other special purpose sinks. The bigger your kitchen, the more room you have for other “stuff”. You know, like a second sink you can use specifically for food prep. Or how about a coffee station, sink and all, with all your favorite coffee beans, additives, and coffee making devices?
  • Walk-in Tubs. This is equal parts convenience and safety to help the elderly or anyone else avoid slipping and falling while entering and exiting the bathtub.
  • Touch-activated faucets. No, it doesn’t matter how dirty your hands are, or even if your hands are full. Simply replace your current kitchen faucet with a touch-on model, and the flow of water will activate with a simple touch from any part of your body.
  • Hand-held shower heads with push-button control. These feature an ergonomic handle and multiple buttons so you can choose the level of water spray you want with the touch of your finger.

Oh, and just for the record? Indoor plumbing itself most would agree – and never mind all these new-fangled gadgets – has to be the mankind’s all-time greatest innovation for the cause of convenience. The end.