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Have you ever had water enter your basement while losing power at the same time? If so, you’ve witnessed one sad truth about home plumbing: a sump pump operates on electricity. So if the power goes, so goes its ability to eject water from your basement.

But no loss of power can stop the one-two effectiveness of a main and backup sump pump. There are two types of the latter, and no matter which one you choose, your backup pump will kick in as soon as a mechanical malfunction or power outage shut your main pump down.

The two types of backup sump pumps are battery powered and water powered.

High-quality battery-powered sump pumps offer several key features:

  • An alarm sounds alerting you that the pump has been activated.
  • Pump capacity up to 2,400 gallons per hour (more than many main pumps) and up to a 10’ lift.
  • There’s a self-test option, too, that helps extend the life of the pump while breaking upscale and corrosion that may have built up over time
  • Optional second battery for double the potential running time

Then you have the water-powered option for a backup sump pump. No matter how heavy the rainfall or the amount of melting snow, a water-powered sump pump requires no battery, no power, and has no moving parts. Provided your home water supply (well or city) isn’t cut off, a water-powered sump pump will operate for as long as it needs to.

In fact, the best available units can remove up to 1,324 gallons of water per hour and are the only pumps that are compatible with ¾” municipal water supply pipes.

At Conway Services, we work hard to help protect you and your home. That’s why we recommend a regular and backup sump pump, especially if you live in a home or neighborhood prone to basement flooding. To learn more and schedule a free in-home consultation and proposal, contact the plumbing professionals at Conway Services today.