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When it comes to the comfort of your family and home, you want to invest in the best products for your home. At Conway Services, we install and service some of the highest-quality whole house backup generators in the market, including Generac generators. When an emergency strikes, you can always depend on our products and services to be there for you. Achieve peace of mind by investing with us today.

Peace of mind

Protect your home and family from the inevitable power outages from heat waves and/or unexpected storms. When a powerful storm strikes, you may lose electricity in your home. During times like these, a backup generator can keep the lights on, reduce food loss from a dead refrigerator, and maintain your air conditioning. Keep in mind, maintaining  your air conditioning will depend on the size system you choose, load management, etc.

With high-quality generators (such as Generac) and expert follow-up maintenance, Conway Services delivers a service that is unmatched in the Mid-South. Find long-lasting peace of mind with our products and never worry about the next power outage in your area. With the best warranties in the business, we guarantee Conway Service will always be there for you.

By taking advantage of third-party easy pay financing options, you can find reliable security, all for a low monthly payment, with approved credit. Find out how fast and easy the installation process will be by checking out our  financing programs and applying now.

Experienced electricians and plumbers

Generator installation has never been easier than with Conway Services. Our highly skilled and experienced electricians make the installation process quick and smooth, and it all comes along with the best guarantees in the business.

If your house requires new gas lines, we have skilled professionals to perform the work for you. With decades of combined experience, the Conway Services teams can make your generator installation process a breeze.

Conway: Your Memphis Area Generac Dealer

Conway is proud to install Generac generators in Memphis. In the event of a power outage caused by storms, failed equipment, or an overworked power grid, a Generac home standby generator automatically restores power to your home, ensuring uninterrupted power in your daily life. Call us today at 901-248-1961 to get started with a brand new Generac generator today!

Smooth generator installation and repair

At Conway Services, our award-winning installation department provides the highest-quality installations in Memphis, TN and the rest of the Mid-South. We can accomplish this because of our amazing staff, excellent warranties, high standards, a commitment to excellence and a passion for customer satisfaction.

Our products and power generator services will always be by your side when you need them the most. When a power outage occurs in your area, a whole-house backup generator installed by Conway Services can automatically take over. Your generator system can either run on your existing natural gas or on LP (liquefied petroleum) fuel supply. Whether you’re home or away, you can always count on Conway Services to take care of your home.

As a leading generator maintenance company, our installation services are fast and clean, delivering to you a dependable system and peace of mind in little to no time at all. Apply now for third party easy pay financing options and start the process to obtain your new backup generator.

For generator installation, schedule an appointment!

Why Memphis residents often require whole house backup generators

Homeowners in Memphis soon discover that this region undergoes four distinct seasons, with experts classifying  it as having a moist, continental-type climate typical of locations in the middle latitudes. Locals anticipate mild snowfall during winter, while it gets muggy and hot when summer rolls around.

Memphis often experiences extreme weather conditions during fall and spring that can produce:

  • Significant rain
  • Powerful winds
  • Thunderstorms

During inclement weather, blackouts are more likely to occur. Being stuck in the dark leads many homeowners to hire Conway Services’ home generator installation contractors to install, inspect, and maintain a whole house backup generator. A generator is a wise investment for your property to help ensure your family stays safe and comfortable when utilities go out.

As one of  the area’s leading whole house generator installation companies, we’re here to help you select the most appropriate generator system for your dwelling. We’ll be happy to provide maintenance services so you get the most out of your investment.

Conway Services experts provide answers to our customers’ most frequently asked questions

Why does my family require a generator?

You’ll have the serenity that comes from ensuring your household can run appliances even when the power has gone out. You can use a computer, watch TV, cook meals, and preserve food in the refrigerator. A generator also shields your electrical system against utility power surges when the electricity goes back online.

Can you explain how generators function?

A generator automatically detects when power goes offline, then switches over to deliver electricity it generates. It only uses gas or propane during outages. With the power restored, the generator shuts off and you automatically resume using electricity from your local provider.

What is the job of a whole house backup generator?

We’ll install a generator (outside) that runs on propane or natural gas to reliably deliver electricity whenever the power goes out in your neighborhood.

Can homeowners install a whole house backup generator on their own?

In a word: no. It’s best to hire a licensed, certified expert for generator installation. Installers need to be aware of building codes and the intricacies of gas and electrical systems. Going the DIY route means you may not install it safely or correctly.

What is the cost of a new generator?

Prices for whole house backup generators depend on unit size and what kind of generator it is. We’ll give you a personalized estimate based on your family’s requirements.

How many years should the generator provide backup service?

You can anticipate your whole house backup generator will deliver service for as many as two decades, assuming experts provide regular maintenance. Generator lifespans vary according to model and manufacturer. We’ll advise you on your best options.

Aren’t generators loud?

Modern generators are designed to run as quietly as possible, so you shouldn’t worry about bothering neighbors or inconveniencing your family. Loudness varies from one manufacturer to another. Conway Services professionals will help you select the ideal model based on how quiet you need it.

Can I power my company with a generator during an emergency?

You can install a generator to keep your business running when the grid goes down. When you call Conway, you’ll work with an expert who can advise you on the best equipment for your use case.

Are generators compatible with solar power panels?

You can use your generator with a solar power system. The generator will top off your home battery bank on an as-needed basis.

Why not rely on a portable generator instead of a permanent unit?

Ideally, you will use a portable generator only during brief periods in power outages. They often aren’t safe to run for prolonged periods if the operator isn’t trained in their use. An installed unit will provide reliable power safely during lengthy blackouts.

Can we use propane or natural gas in the generator?

You can use propane or natural gas. Conway Services technicians will help you choose one over the other, based on which fuel is easiest to obtain.

How much time do we need to budget for generator installation?

Conway Services technicians work efficiently and follow industry best practices. Each job has its own time frame, depending on how large the generator and house are. We’ll evaluate your setup and provide an estimate for the time to complete installation.

When should we schedule maintenance for our whole house backup generator?

We advise homeowners to schedule generator maintenance service once per year. You can rely on our talented professionals to keep the equipment in excellent working order.

What are the consequences of failing to maintain the generator?

When not maintained each year, a generator may stop functioning at its best, leaving your family vulnerable during blackouts. Remember that annual maintenance helps our technicians spot problems when they are still small and less expensive to fix. Maintenance gives you the longest possible reliable service life.

For how long can we count on the generator keeping the lights on?

The amount of available fuel and the kind of generator you have will influence how long you can expect it to run. For detailed information on whole house backup generator run times, please consult with an expert from Conway Services today.

How much noise do generators produce?

The size and model affect how loudly generators sound during operation. Just ask our professionals to steer you toward the model that best meets your needs for peace and quiet!

What should I do if the generator stops functioning correctly?

Get in touch with the professionals at Conway Services immediately for service. Don’t try to repair the generator yourself, as this can be unsafe (and you may cause more problems for the equipment). We’ll figure out what went wrong and then get it back to normal function.

Contact Conway Services for generator installation and services today!

Conway Services has been providing outstanding generator services to homeowners in the greater Memphis, TN, area for more than three decades now. We are proud of the reputation we’ve developed in the industry for expertise and efficiency. Whether you need a new generator installed or require home generator repair service, we’re standing by. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for service!